About Us

Hello-VPN is a service provided by AMEEX|mobile.

We are a small and dynamic team gathered by engineers who have wide experiences in the field of IT since 15+ years.

It will be our pleasure to meet like-minded companies who value the expertise and pragmatic approach to the challenges in day-to-day operation.

We welcome long-term partnership to help companies maintaining site-to-site VPN connections.

Our motto: no bullshit.


In 2007, AMEEX|mobile was launched to expand the network of SAP (formerly Sybase 365), the global leader in mobile messaging, across Middle East and Africa.

Today, AMEEX is a global independent provider of SMS solutions for mobile operators and enterprises. AMEEX is the operator of a global data network and the provider of mobile messaging in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

AMEEX offers a wide range of solutions that empower mobile operators and enterprises to connect their subscribers to an expansive international mobile community that spans 83 countries, connected by 900 mobile operators.

On this project

image of Quinn Xie

Quinn Xie

Network SpecialistAMEEX|Mobile

Quinn has established many site-to-site VPN tunnels with different companies.

image of Stephane Tougard

Stephane Tougard

Senior ConsultantAMEEX|Mobile

Stephane has 20+ years in the field of IT and Telecom.

image of Steven Goh

Steven Goh

Head of OperationAMEEX|Mobile

Steven is a System Engineer with 15+ years of extensive experience in delivering exceptional solution.