What do you mean by B2B VPN?

B2B(Business-to-Business) VPN refers to the site-to-site IPSec VPN, which is the common practice when your company needs to connect to the network of another company, either as provider or customer.

Site-to-site IPSec VPN is the most secured way to fight against fraud and other kinds of mis-usages which may incur the billing dispute between companies.

B2B VPN is different than the “Remote Access VPN”(client/server model), which is used by corporate employees to “dial home” to their office network.

Can you advise a VPN device for our use case?

In most cases, Cisco is the standard de facto for site-to-site VPN configuration. Some companies use some specific features only available on Cisco. 

For simple cases, other brands, such as Juniper, and even software solutions such as strongSwan installed on Linux box will do fine.

HelloVPN supports Cisco, Juniper and strongSwan. Nevertheless, we love to learn and we are not willing to let go a project because you use another brand.

Whatever device you finally decide to use, we will study your case and try to make it work.

Do you provide VPN hosting service?

VPN gateway need to be located within your LAN, either in your on-premise site or your virtual private network on the cloud.

No, we don’t provide VPN hosting service, you own your VPN infrastructure. If you don’t have one and don’t know where to start, we will advise you a VPN brand/model or a cloud-based service which is suitable for your use case.

Do you need password of our VPN devices?

Yes. In order to maintain and update configurations of VPN tunnels, we will need the password and access to your VPN devices.

I need you to configure a VPN, but I prefer not to give you access to the device, what can you do?

We can provide you configuration instructions for you to execute on your own.

However, VPN provisioning is a dynamic process, there will be some tweaks here and there. Without device access, we can not ensure the configuration provided will work as is, and we will still charge you full price of the service.

Do you keep backup of configurations?

If you are using our subscription-based service, we do backup for all your VPNs.

How do you monitor the VPN?

For subscription model only: We will need you to open a SNMP port on your device (don’t worry, we’ll help you on this) in order to pull the status information to our monitoring server.

How can I know the status of my VPN tunnels?

For subscription model only: Upon request, you’ll be provided with an access to our monitoring tool where you can check the basics health condition of your VPN device and the current state for each VPN tunnel.

What happens when VPN tunnel is down?

Normally VPN tunnels are very stable. There could be disruptions due to internet conditions, but usually it will be very short period and VPN will recover by itself without service disruption.

However, if the problem is caused by a change of VPN configuration on either end, the VPN tunnel will not recover by itself.

For subscription model only: We will contact the other peer and investigate with them the root cause of the issue

I already have several VPN tunnels running, can you add new configuration and maintain all VPN tunnels?
  • Add new VPN configuration: Yes, this apply to all customers
  • maintain VPN tunnels: this only apply to subscription model.
Can I call you?

Apply to customer with subscription only: Yes, you can reach us by Whatsapp, Skype and Email. 

I lost password of my VPN device, what I can do?

You will need to make a hard reset, which needs to be done physically in front of your VPN device.

If you are our subscriber and have provided password to us before, we have backup info for you.